"Best Restaurants" - Tom Elliot

This restaurant truly stands by its reputation... five stars is easier to get than to keep and for over 15 years, Osteria has maintained the buzz, and rightly so; its collection of wine is extraordinary, its cuisine is exquisite and its service is impeccable...visiting Calgary without visiting Osteria would be regrettable.

"The Restaurateur" -Brian Humphrey

Calgary is lucky to have this swimmingly exquisite Italian cuisine, again rated No. 1 both for chef Rocco Terrigno culinary artistry and for its unparalleled service; add a quietly luxurious setting and it surpasses expectations in every category; in fact - when you need a sure thing, there's none better.

Schwarts Guide to Fine Dining- Michael Evans

Osteria De Medici not only turns out the most exciting seafood in the city, but has also become a paragon of a well-run dining room, offering private banquet rooms where diners are treated with effortless courtesy and respect.